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Rumors & Gossip oh my gosh! guess what?

To many, rumors and gossip may be an innocent form of a teen's life. Drama is most evident in their life so they think that talking about someone behind their back is okay. They see rumors and gossip as a harmless way of spreading information; they encourage kids to just forget about it. However, kids who are the target of gossip are negatively affected. It can destroy their confidence and self-esteem. It can lead to depression and anxiety. It can also ruin their reputation. 


A rumor is information that has not been verified. The person telling the story is unsure whether it is true or not. Rumors are spread from person to person, the story being modified as it passes on. As a result, it can be exaggerated over time.


Gossip is slightly different. It involves a juicy detail of some sort. It is usually spread behind someone's back and can be very hurtful. It almost always causes pain and humiliation.


Teens and kids spread gossip for a variety reasons. They may...

-Do it to feel better about themselves

-Do it to feel accepted

-Do it to get attention

-Do it to gain power

-Do it to get revenge

-Do it to relieve boredom.


Would you like gossip and rumors spreading about you? The next time you are about to share gossip or rumors, think about the person you are talking about. Would they like it that you were talking about them behind their back?

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