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Be a "PAL"

PAL stands for Protect A Life.  It is a program created by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to encourage those without food allergies to support those who do. There are many people with food allergies, 1 in every 13 kids have food allergies. The number continues to grow. If there are more people participating in PAL,  more kids, teens, and adults would be safer.  In addition to saving a life, a PAL can also participate in fundraising.  My PALs at school have learned how to administer epinephrine and two years ago, we had a bake sale and made $100 for FARE.  Here are some ways to become a PAL for those with food allergies:

- A PAL knows that food allergies are serious and they are to not be taken lightly.


-If you are eating a food in class, check with the person next to you to ensure that your friend is not allergic to an ingredient. 


- If your friend has food allergies, be supportive. They may need a shoulder to lean on because having food allergies can be very stressful.


-If you spot a friend with food allergies looking sick, they may be having an allergic reaction.  Know the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.  Have your friend educate you on how to administer epinephrine (if you don't know what it is or how to use it go here).  Epinephrine can save a life!


Have you been a PAL to those with food allergies? Send your experience to and we will post it on our website! Thank you for being supportive! :)

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