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Managing food allergies when you are a teen can be difficult because there are parties, relationships, traveling, and activities which are related to food.  Sometimes it seems that everything is centered around food.  I hope to share with you some of the challenges I had to face while I was in high school, and the situations I'm about to encounter in college.

This guide features articles on dining out, parties, traveling, school and relationships.  For example, we all want to go out and meet our friends for a yogurt or a burger, but how do we manage our allergies in this situation?  What about dating, can I kiss him goodnight?  Did he or she eat something that I'm allergic to?

GUIDE: Managing food allergies as a teenager

  • Dining Out

  • Let's Party

  • Traveling

  • School

  • Dating

  • Be a Pal

  • College

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