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Let's Party

Parties can be a sticky situation when you have food allergies. Your first thought may be, "What's so dangerous about parties?" There can be many dangers. At parties you almost always see food - lots and lots of food! Dancing and participating in activities can make you very hungry. You can also get wrapped-up in having such a good time, that you lose your medication and you are caught unprepared for an allergic reaction.


At a party there are usually  beverages, snacks, meals and desserts. This can be tricky because most of the foods contain allergens. Some teens are aware of that but many are not. Some may be embarrassed because they have to bring their own food or ask the catering staff to check the ingredients. Others may keep quiet because they don't want to draw attention to their food allergies. Don't give in - state your food allergies!


Another  danger is cross-contamination. Guests may dip their hand into one bowl of snacks then into another containing an ingredient that you're allergic to.  Always make sure you grab your own plate or bowl before others get their snack.  Serve yourself first.


It can be a bummer when you can't eat anything at a party, but always keep in mind that food doesn't make the party enjoyable, people do.  As long as you're with your friends, you know you will have a good time!

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