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Cartoons, wallets, makeup, and more!

Food Allergy Fun 

Tiffany, the creator of Food Allergy Fun, has a child who has food allergies. Her cartoons were inspired by imaginative situations, but some of them are based loosely on her experiences. Food Allergy Fun is a "comic relief for moms and kids", and I encourage you to look at their website,, for more funny cartoons that will make you laugh! 

Be Safe & Look Great with Kiss Freely Products

When I go shopping, my friends and I always look for good quality makeup. It takes me a little longer to find the 'perfect' brand of lipstick or mascara because of my food allergies. Many people are not aware, but makeup can contain major allergens. Luckily, I did not discover that the hard way like Jennifer Kurko. In 2009, Jennifer's oldest daughter was just diagnosed with food allergies, and just when they thought that they were navigating the new world of food allergies quite well, her daughter developed hives from a simple kiss on the cheek. Jennifer discovered that even beauty products contain deadly allergens. To help other families find a safe alternative, she created Kiss Freely. Kiss Freely is a company that produces blush, body butter, lip balm, and lip stick that are free of the eight common allergens.


I am a typical teenage girl; I love makeup. When Jennifer sent me some of her products, I was thrilled! She sent me lip balm along with two shades of lipstick. When I tried her lip balm, I was so surprised by how smooth it made my lips. It prevented my lips from getting dry and had a great, but not overpowering smell to it. Her lip balm is made with organic candelilla wax, squalene, jojoba and castor oils, sal butter, vitamin E and essential oils. Not only is it great for my lips, it is free of the eight common allergens! 


I received two shades of lipstick: electric pink and taupe. I decided to use the taupe lipstick at a band recital. As soon as I walked into the building, everyone complimented me on my lipstick. The lipstick was stunning and really made me stand out. Not only was it a gorgeous shade but it also had a smooth texture. I wore the electric pink lipstick in school and everyone loved it. I compared Kiss Freely's lipsticks to my regular, expensive ones. Kiss Freely's lipsticks were so much better. They were affordable, beautiful, smooth, not sticky or sloppy, and they were allergy friendly! Kiss Freely is a food-allergen-free cosmetic that is a perfect gift for friends and family. Not only is it clean, safe and wonderful, but it also gives a new, fresh perspective on cosmetics. I will definitely buy more Kiss Freely products in the future! 


Not only does Kiss Freely have great products, they are dedicated to finding a cure for food allergies. A portion of their profits are donated to organizations that work towards finding a cure for food allergies. Kiss Freely is a cosmetics company that I know I can count on not only for safe products but to make me look my best ! 

Food Allergies: The Ultimate Guide (It happened to me) buy it now!

Jessica Reino's book is absolutely incredible. It features information about food allergies, the symptoms, the history behind it, and more. She also provides advice about restaurants, labels, parties, sports, traveling, cooking, and friendship. Her book goes from, "The Art of Calm-municating: Becoming a Self-Advocate" to "Top Chef: Cooking Well and Living Well with Dietary Restrictions." This book is not only a great resource for teens with food allergies but also people who are not familiar with this disease. The content inside discusses what living with food allergies is actually like and the fear behind it. Not only do we (food allergic people) have to avoid the foods that we are allergic to, but we also have to become our own self-advocate. While dealing with the terror of food, we also have to teach others how to use the epinephrine auto-injector. Sometimes, we want to be so desperately accepted by our peers, friends, and family that it makes us ashamed of our food allergies. This book helps us become empowered by our intolerance and makes us realize that we are not the only ones who are facing the challenges of food allergies. This powerful book includes interviews from teenagers "who share not only the difficulties they face but also the strategies they must employ to stay vigilant. This book addresses the cause of allergies, delving into the catalysts that provoke physical reactions; but more importantly, it stresses what teens can do to prevent such incidents." This is a must read for not only teens, but kids and parents. It provides a great resource for those dealing with this intolerance. If you would like to see the recipes I provided for this book, look at pages 137, 138, 139, and 140. Thank you Jessica Reino for the great honor to be a part of your inspiring book! If you would like to purchase her book, Food Allergies: The Ultimate Teen Guide, press the image on the left.



CarryNine is a company that creates attractive skins and wallets for both your Epi-Pen and Auvi - Q. The protective skin is a creative, design-able cover made for both your Epi-Pen and Auvi -Q. CarryNine makes a number of protective skins.  I reviewed two of their offerings,  'Aurora' and 'NYC'.  'Aurora'  is gorgeous and elegant. It is protection with style. The protective skin has a medical insignia clearly defining its purpose. The other protective skin reviewed was the "NYC" Auvi - Q skin. It was stunning; it was decorated with different scenes which tell a story.  The protective skins enables both kids and teens to personalize their medications and thus will encourage them to bring their epinephrine everywhere they go. The designs are so compelling that the owners will want to show off their Epi-Pen or Auvi - Q to their friends, family, and classmates, making those around them more aware of their food allergies. 


CarryNine also sells a variety of wallets unlike others that are on the market today.  In addition to the Auvi-Q fitting perfectly into the dedicated pocket in the wallet, the wallet also has space for your credit cards, gift cards, and money. Everything in the wallet is secure so nothing will accidentally fall out. The wallet fits into mini purses and bags.


With a large variety of offerings, CarryNine fits into children and teens' lifestyle with effective and stylish accessories designed for their medical needs.

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