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Press - Teen FAAB in the News

November 15-17 || 2013

Katherine presented at FARE's Teen Summit

She talked to teens about food allergies and anti-bullying. She provided advice and talked about how people with food allergies are targets for bullying. Katherine discussed her website and how it could be used as a resource for those who are suffering from food allergy bullying. Katherine would like to thank Lynn Heun for this amazing experience.

November 19 || 2013

Katherine's presentation at FARE's Teen Summit was published in

December || 2013

Teen FAAB was listed as a resource for people with food allergies on FACST's website

January  || 2014

Teen FAAB was listed as an Anti-Bullying resource on FARM's website

September 10 || 2014

An article about Mylan's food allergy campaign featuring Katherine and two others was published on

September 12 || 2014

Teen FAAB was listed as a resource for "Teens with Food Allergies" on Allergic Living's website 

On, Teen FAAB was in an article called, "21 Resources for Teens with Food Allergies".  

Fall || 2014

Teen FAAB was featured in Allergic Living's Magazine

Katherine was interviewed to be a part of Allergic Living Magazine. They discussed her website, her mission, and what inspired her to create Teen FAAB. She would like to thank Allergic Living for this amazing experience. 

October || 2014

Katherine spoke on the Teen Panel at FAACT's Teen Conference with other teenagers 

Kenton Duty, Kendall Hollinger, Zach, Reed Pake, and Kat spoke on the Teen Panel to answer parent's questions.

November 7-9 || 2014 

Katherine spoke about social experiences at FARE's National Teen Summit

She spoke at FARE's Teen Summit about parties, traveling, dating, restaurants, etc. to teenagers who attended the conference 

May 28 || 2015

Mylan's Food Allergy Awareness Video was published 

Katherine, in addition to two other people, were featured in this video. Mylan Specialty L.P. paid for my travel expenses associated with my participation in the filming of this educational video and in an educational awareness session with an allergist about life-threatening allergies.

June 25 || 2015

Katherine was published in a book about food allergies 

Jessica Reino, the author of 'Food Allergies: The Ultimate Teen Guide' interviewed Kat

to be a part of her book. She wrote about Kat's website and cooking channel.

October 9-11 || 2015

Katherine spoke at FAACT's Teen Conference in Vegas

She spoke about 'Teen FAAB' and her mission to teens at FAACT's teen conference. 

November 13-15 || 2015

Katherine and Rebecca Newman spoke at FARE's National Teen Summit

They spoke to hundreds of teenagers about advocating for food allergies.

June || 2016

Katherine Spoke at a Tedx Talk

Her talk was called, "Dare to be Different" and she spoke about embracing one's differences and making a change.

November 11 || 2016 

Katherine spoke at FARE's 11th National Teen Summit

She spoke to middle schoolers about dealing with food allergies 

November 12 || 2016

Katherine presented the Mid-Atlantic region's project

She presented a food allergy mean tweets video with the readers being FARE Teens. 

Fall || 2016

Katherine is the Mid-Atlantic Teen Leader for FARE and a Teen Advisor for FAACT


Katherine was able to share her story on Raider News

February || 2017

Katherine was featured in Scholastic Choice Magazine

Thank you Jessica Blatt for this amazing opportunity.

May 7 || 2018

Katherine was awarded The Union County Humans Relations Commission's 2018 Unity Award for Achievement by a Student

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.44.44 PM.png

Katherine's first time speaking at FARE's Teen Summit in 2013

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.51.22 PM.png

Katherine delivered a Tedx Talk entitled, "Dare to be Different"


Teen FAAB was featured in Scholastic Choice Magazine 

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.47.16 PM.png

Katherine being awarded the Unit Award for Achievement by a Student

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