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Say "Goodbye" to Bullying

There are a variety of ways to prevent bullying in your community. You can do the following actions:

-Assess bullying in your school: create assessments to determine how much bullying occurs, how it happens, how students and adults intervene, and whether or not your prevention efforts are successful. 

-Educate your classmates and staff: integrate bullying prevention material into your school's rules and policies. Teach skills and ensure that they are followed.

-Build a safe environment: establish a culture of acceptance, tolerance, and respect. Use assemblies, meetings, newsletters, websites, student's handbooks, etc., to create a positive climate at school. 

In Your Community

You can prevent bullying if you work with your community. When the power of the community is brought together, community-made strategies can help children and teens who are bullied. The people of this community can redirect the behavior of children who bully. 


When involving the community, you need to seek out potential partners that want to learn about bullying and reduce its impact. Partners can include your friends or even a law enforcement officer.  Anyone who wants to take a leadership role is a great candidate when you develop a comprehensive community strategy.  Here are some tips:

-Advocate bullying prevention policies

-Identify audiences to target and tailor messages as appropriate

-Describe what each member in your community is doing to help and respond to bullying

-Raise awareness of your message. Develop and print materials to distribute around your school and town. Introduce bullying prevention to groups that work with kids. 

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