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Can I say "Goodbye" to my food allergies

It is definitely possible to grow out of an allergy, but there are certain situations where you can't.

Food allergies and pet allergies can actually disappear after time. Scientists don't know exactly why yet, but are working to better understand when and why this happens.

The severity of an allergic reaction varies from mild to life-threatening. When functioning correctly, your body's defense attacks and destroys foreign invaders, like bacteria or viruses. When you have an allergy, the immune system mistakenly targets pollen, pet dander or certain foods, sending molecules called immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to orchestrate a "defense."

As  you get older, there is a possibility you may outgrow a severe allergy, but the possibility varies with the individual and the allergen. You may outgrow a milk, soy, egg, or wheat allergy when you are 16. However, you are not always completely sure about when or if you will grow out of your allergy. Your allergist can determine if you have outgrown an allergy by doing blood tests or by carefully exposing you a small amount of the food and then observing you in the office or in a hospital. This should only be done under medical supervision — never at home.

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