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This video is brought to you by Katherine, the founder of Teen FAAB, requested teens, kids, and adults to participate in a video interview to discuss their encounter with food allergies and to provide helpful tips to help others dealing with this condition. I would like to thank the participants for taking the time to take a video of themselves and provide advice and guidance for those in need. Though this video mainly focuses on food allergies, it explores other food intolerances such as Celiac disease. The Faces of Food Allergies Video provides five tips given to you by eight amazing people:  Audra, Emily Harriot, Emma Armstrong, Thomas, Kendall Hollinger, Hannah, Taylor Miller, and Andrew Cheng. I hope that this video will create awareness to those who are not familiar with food allergies and help those suffering from food intolerances. Thank you for watching, and please share this video with others!

Faces of Food Allergies (and more!)

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