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Being in a Relationship

There are several parts to being in a relationship that you have to be aware of when having food allergies. For starters, before you start going on dates, you have to tell your significant other about your food allergies. Then, you have to inform them about epinephrine and other safety tips in case of an emergency.

It's not always easy talking about your food allergies in the beginning of your relationship. You may be worried what he/she thinks and if your relationship will change. If he/she truly cares about you, then they will take your food allergies seriously. If they don't, then they may not be the right person for you. Your life comes first!  Before telling your date about your food allergies, create a list about what aspects you would like them to know. Identify them before speaking with your date. It is completely normal to be somewhat nervous. You can rehearse telling them about your food allergies beforehand if it decreases your stress. Keep the conversation simple but informational. Tell him/her about administering epinephrine, going out to restaurants, kissing, cross-contamination, and anything else you think your date needs to know.


What you are most likely thinking is, " Why would I have to worry about kissing safely?" You never know if your date may have eaten a quick snack of a food you are allergic to before attempting to kiss you, leaving a residue of food on your face. It may seem unlikely, but it does happen. You may be embarrassed to tell your date to 'Smooch Safely' but if he/she really likes you they will understand. That is one of the benefits of having food allergies -- you know if your date really likes you and if it is a serious, committed relationship. You may be hesitant to tell them but if it prevents you from having a visit to the hospital, it's worth it. Always check the foods that your date eats before he/she kisses you

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