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Living and cooking for myself this summer

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This summer I decided to live off campus and live in a house. My internship and job were located in New Brunswick so I thought that this would be easier. However, there would be no dining hall and no parents so I would have to cook by myself.

There are six people living in the house and I have a roommate. We have our own utensils, plates, bowls, cups, etc. We divided up the kitchen space so we would each have our own designated cabinet and space in the fridge/freezer. I thought this was a great idea because I didn't want to risk cross- contamination. I kept everything separate and after I finished eating my food, I quickly cleaned everything and put it back in the cabinet. I made sure all of my food was separate from my housemates'.

One time though, my housemate thought my pan was her's so she used it to make eggs. I'm allergic to eggs so I was very worried. She didn't know it was my pan but when I told her, she was very apologetic. I scrubbed the pan about four or five times before I put it away. I will probably wash it again before I cook the next meal. Besides this incident, everything else has been great! I feel so independent and it is like I am an adult living by herself- Fix this sentence so that it is not cliche.

Here's an example of my schedule - every Monday after my internship, I go grocery shopping for the week. I pick up a couple of items for lunch and dinner and a few snacks. MadeGood is a brand that has delicious snacks that I love to munch on.

Regarding the meals I cook, I use recipes online or recipes that my mom usually uses to make dinner. So far it has turned out pretty well! I've made roasted potatoes, homemade pizza (no cheese), grilled chicken, etc. Living by yourself means more responsibility and more freedom. It can be a little scary at first but after a few weeks, you get used to it.

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