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Looking back on my freshmen year of college

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This year went by so quickly. I still remember when I was a senior in high school so scared to enter a new school in a different city. I was so worried about my food allergies and how I was going to handle them in college. For those of you who are about to enter college, I know it can be scary. You are entering a new atmosphere where handling your food allergies can be more difficult. Here are some important tips for entering college with allergies:

1. Make sure that you tell your friends about your medical condition and teach them to use the epinephrine. I know you may think it is embarrassing but it's important. The time may come when they have to use it

2. Talk to the dining hall manager beforehand and tell them what you are allergic to. They will set up a system where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without worrying about an allergic reaction

3. When you are looking for a roommate, make sure they will be okay with separating snacks in the fridge and avoiding cross-contamination. This is very important because you will be living with them

So these are just a few tips that will hopefully help you when you are entering college.

Overall, my freshmen year went better than I expected. The dining hall was very good about my food allergies. I could request whatever meal I wanted and if they had it in stock, they would get it ready for me. They were always so kind and they worked so hard to make me happy and safe. I met so many nice friends in college who were very understanding about my food allergies. Pete would always hide Doritos and all the foods I couldn't eat in a cabinet so I wouldn't have an allergic reaction.

Be cautious about your food allergies but don't let it hurt your college experience. Live your life to the fullest but always make sure that you are letting everyone around you about your allergies

This is a picture of me when I was moving out of my dorm

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